Edward Middleton Barry – Architect of the Opera House, Valletta

The original opera house in Malta’s capital, Valletta, was constructed in 1862. READ MORE HERE

The Opera House was destroyed in 1870 by a devastating fire and rebuilt.

On May 25, 1873, six years after opening, a fire broke out, damaging the interior stonework. It was restored and reopened in 1877. READ THE HISTORY HERE

The Royal Opera House Bombed in 1942 During WW2

Sadly, in 1942, the theatre received a direct hit from aerial bombing, leaving much of the iconic building in rubble. Plans to rebuild never came to fruition.

Redevelopment of the Royal Opera House Site

An open-air theatre was opened on the site on August 8, 2013, named Pjazza Teatru Rjai, amidst the remaining ruins of the Opera House.

The Royal Opera House (1866 – 1942) – MALTA