Reader Reviews

“I found this book very thrilling and engaging. Once I started it, I didn’t want to stop! There is ample detail in the descriptions and good dialogue. Classic characters return, and finally, Erik is given the opportunity to shine as a man. Passionately driven, the Frenchman travels to the isle of Malta and prompts the reader to become immersed and excited about the rebuilding of the badly damaged Royal Opera House, as much as the Phantom himself!   I was pleasantly impressed and I would highly recommend it for those looking for dark, mystery, and romance.”  (Book Depository)

“Vicki Hopkins has woven a beautiful, intricate tale that will make you think you have everything figured out, and then she throws you a curve ball. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story; it is one of my favorites now.   I will eagerly wait for the next novel to come out of this brilliant mind.”  (Barnes & Noble)

“As someone who has followed Vicki from her early days as The Phantom’s Student, I anxiously awaited this book. Every teaser she let out made me want it more! Finally, the day arrived, and I ordered it. The day it came in the mail I was so happy! I started it the next day and took three slow days to read it. I had waited so long that I wanted to savor this wonderful tale of “poor unhappy Erik,” who is finally loved for himself.  Erik and his trusted friends leave Paris and go to Malta, buying the shell of the Royal Opera House, only to find it in worse condition than Erik thought. With his obsessive drive and love of things of beauty, he oversaw the raising of the Opera from the ashes like a phoenix to better than ever. He is intrigued by a young woman who has a dark secret. Her secret may prove to be Erik’s undoing.  Vicki captured Erik completely, from his dark brooding to his desire to be loved as a man. This is the second-best Phantom novel I have read. It has taken up a place of honor in my home library, right next to my First Edition of Phantom.”  (Amazon)

“The Phantom of Valletta brings many wondrous things to the pages Hopkins vividly pens. Romance, passion, mystery, murder and mayhem, drama, music, action, and a grand scope of how the power of love can heal all, and that appearances don’t matter when choosing someone to share your life with. I thoroughly enjoyed this new twist on the age-old Phantom of the Opera tale and highly praise the author for her inventiveness, great character development, and a story well told. Loved it!” (Extended Review on Goodreads/Amazon/LibraryThing)

“With The Phantom of Valletta, this author lost none of the magic nor the character we have come to love. She kept Erik true to who he is, the dark, tormented man, while also giving us a lighter & sometimes humorous Erik. I found myself laughing out loud at Erik’s attitude or comments.” (Extended Review on Goodreads)

Just finished ‘The Phantom of Valletta’ this afternoon – so impressed, couldn’t put it down, and finished it in less than 3 days! I loved your interpretation of Erik – he was exactly how I saw him, damaged and angry but extremely vulnerable inside. Desiree was highly likable, though she was the perfect match to tame Erik’s volatile …nature. The romance between Madame Giry and Richard was sweet and believable, and I loved how you made Andrea much more human than she seemed in the original Phantom; you really gave her a soul; she wasn’t just the cold figure of a woman dressed in black that you see in Leroux. I loved how she stood up to Erik and didn’t stand for any of his nonsense. It’s exactly how I wanted their relationship to be. (Facebook)